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Questions and Answers

What is the mission of the library?

In the library, we try to get the students excited about the lifeskill of reading! We expose them to the information literacy standards. Our mission is to ensure students and staff are lifelong readers and effective users of ideas and information.

When will my child go to the library?

Your child will not come to the library on a certain day, but rather they will visit on a seven day rotation. Because of the seven day rotation, students are allowed to come to the library at anytime to return, renew, or check out new materials. 

How many books can students check out?

Students are allowed to check out two books at a time. These books are due in 10 days. Students can renew the books at anytime. *For students who constantly have overdue books or lost books, he/she will be allowed to check out one book at a time.

Why is my child bringing home a book that isn't on his/her reading level?

I will always give children their own freedom to select books. True, I can help guide them to select books that are better suited, but I allow them to have the final say in their selection. Many students are sometimes drawn to certain books because of interest or curiosity. If you feel that these books are too hard, you could offer to help your child read these books.

What if a book is damaged?

Please don't try to repair the book. Return the book and let us try to repair the book. We have been trained on how to fix books and can sometimes work miracles. If it is beyond repair, then we will need send you a replacement cost for the damaged book.

What about overdue notices?

If you receive an overdue notice, please help your child to locate the book. Have him or her to check their school desk, cubbie, or bookbag. Ask the teacher to have students to look in the classroom, check Aftershool, the babysitter's, or the school bus. Sometimes the book may have been returned to the public library. Check places where the book might be hiding: under the sofa or bed, in the toy box, on a bookshelf, under the carseat, etc. If you think the book was returned, let me know so that I can check the bookshelves. Sometimes we could make a mistake when checking in books. Students who do not return books will not be allowed to check out additional materials until the overdue ones are returned or payment is made towards the replacements. If a book is located after a payment has been made, please return the book and your money will be refunded.